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A List of Must-Have Tools Every Natural Hair Kid Should Have!

A List of Must-Have Tools Every Natural Hair Kid Should Have!

Having the right tools for your child’s natural hair will make styling faster, easier, less painful, and fun! It will also minimize breakage, minimize tangles, and keep your little one’s hair healthy. Here are the tools you need to simplify your daily hair care routine.

FroBabies Hair Products

Curly Kid’s Products

All children require gentle hair care products but kids with natural hair need a product design for both kids and natural hair. Fro Babies has everything you need to cleanse, moisturize, and style. Our curly kids hair collection is sulfate-free and made with natural ingredients that cleanse and style without stripping their hair of their natural moisture. Our styling products are designed for both boys and girls, shape and hold without feeling crunchy or looking flakey, and are safe and gentle for kids 12 months and older. For infants, you can use baby-safe products and apply a tiny bit of coconut oil to their hair and scalp to hydrate and style.

Curly Kids ShampooHoney Bubbles Moisturizing Shampoo is an extra-gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. It’s infused with honey and avocado oil to hydrate while it cleanses. Massage into damp hair and work from root to tip. Rinse thoroughly and repeat. Follow up with your preferred Fro Babies Conditioner.

Leave-In ConditionerDetangle Me Baby Leave-In Conditioner can be used daily on wet or dry hair. It’s infused with honey and a variety of hair-healthy natural oils to repair and hydrate hair. Use after shampooing for little ones who aren’t yet patient enough for a rinse-out conditioner, to detangle, or apply daily as a cream or leave-in spay to keep hair healthy and conditioned. 

Rinse-Out ConditionerSo Super Soft After Shampoo Conditioner is infused with honey, avocado, shea butter, and black seed oil to replenish moisture and repair hair. Use after shampooing or to co-wash hair in-between shampooing. Apply to towel-dried hair from root to tip. Use fingers to gently detangle their hair or comb through hair. Let sit 5 minutes before rinsing out.

Curl Cream—Curls-A Popin Soufflé contains honey and avocado to add shine and create long-lasting frizz-free curls. It can also be used to reduce shrinkage, slick back hair, shape edges, and style twists and coils. Apply one section at a time for long or thick hair or scrunch into shorter hair. Use on wet or dry hair to shape and define curls.

Curly Kids Hair Gel—Puffy Hold Me Down Baby Gelle a soft-dry, flake-free, multi-purpose hair gel. Infused with honey and avocado this product will eliminate frizz and hold hair in place without the crunch. It will also slick back hair and define and hold curls. Use on wet or dry hair.

You’ll also need a natural oil such as coconut or jojoba for styling and protecting their hair when they swim or will be out in the sun for an extended period of time. Also, for the LOC method. Apply on wet or dry hair.

Brush or Comb

Curly Hairbrush Or Comb

The length, texture, hair type, and hairstyle will determine what type of styling brush or comb you need. If your children have different hair types, you will likely need different tools for each child. This will be any combination of a:

  • Boar bristle or faux-boar bristle hairbrush
  • Wide-tooth comb designed for curly hair
  • Natural hair detangling brush
  • Rat tail comb to part hair
  • Toothbrush to comb style edges and baby hairs

Styling Essentials

Styling Essentials

Styling essentials will vary greatly depending on the type of hairstyles you want to create. You can find everything listed below in Target, Walmart, Walgreens, or on Amazon. Even tangle-free elastics can tangle. Just cut them out to minimize breakage. Consider any combination of:

  • Clips and claws to keep their hair out of the way while you style
  • No tangle and metal-free hair elastics in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Silk or satin hair scrunchies or ribbons to layer over the elastics
  • Barrettes, bobby pins, clips, headbands, and decorative hair claws for styling
  • A diffuser to minimize frizz and define curls

Caps And Bonnets

Caps And Bonnets

Have your little one sleep with a silky hair bonnet to minimize breakage, keep protective hairstyles in place, and maintain moisture. They can also sleep with a silk or satin pillowcase until they are old enough to keep their hair bonnet on at night. As they get older you can wrap their head with a silk scarf or hair cap.

A shower cap helps you keep protective styles dry when they bathe or when you don’t want to get their hair wet. If they go swimming a cute swim cap will protect their hair from the harsh chlorine. If they won’t wear a cap to swim, wet their hair before they get in the swimming pool and apply a light layer of oil before they jump in. This will help their hair absorb less of the chemicals. Rinse their hair directly after they swim and shampoo or co-wash as soon as possible.

Styling And Product Bottles

Styling And Product Bottles

You’ll need to invest in a few different bottles to make styling easier. Choose different colored bottles to remember what each bottle contains.

  1. The first should be a spray bottle with tap or distilled water touch up protective styles and style their hair without getting it wet in the bath or shower.
  2. The second spray bottle is a leave-in conditioner made by combining 3 tablespoons of curly kid’s conditioner with 1 and 1/4 cup tap or distilled water. Use your conditioning spray daily on wet or dry hair to detangle, style, and hydrate.
  3. The third bottle should contain an organic and unrefined coconut or jojoba oil. This makes it easier to apply than trying to portion it out from a larger bottle.
  4. You may want other bottles that you use to style their hair on-the-go.

You may have to test a few different options in the tools above to find what works best for your child’s hair. Just ensure everything is designed for their natural hair.

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