Our Story - Frobabies Brand Created by Kanika Alston

FroBabies, – a raging social media sensation, has decided to branch from its roots on Instagram by launching a full-service website in April 2016 to continue the promotion of their multicultural pride among babies and youth.

Created by Kanika Alston, the Frobabies brand doesn’t singularly honor the beauty of multicultural children’s hair in its natural state. The Instagram page has over 89,000 followers watching, commenting and following the journey and message of pride and self-worth that Frobabies stands for. The hashtag #frobabies has become almost the norm for parents that wish to see their sons and daughters grace the website to share with them the resonating message that their black is indeed beautiful.

Not only is Kanika a seasoned educator, she has a strong desire and passion to impact the image and perception put into the widespread media about children of multicultural backgrounds. Her goal with Frobabies is to give diverse youth the opportunity to have an outlet that represents their likeness.

“Self-esteem and self-efficacy are correlated and children are very visual individuals,” says Kanika Alston, Founder of Frobabies. “My hope is that through positive imagery, multiracial children will recognize the beauty within themselves and together will rewrite the ‘standard’.”

The mission of the new site and Frobabies brand expansion is not to negate what society deems beautiful, but instead to recognize that the standard must be inclusive and reflect the rest of the population.

“The logo itself speaks volumes,” says Kanika. “It features two royal cherubs – one a prince and the other a princess – where the prince assists the princess with adjusting her crown on top of her perfectly coifed curls.”

With the amount of traffic to the Frobabies Instagram page, it has caught the attention of major media outlets such as Bossip and ForHarriet. Both have written full articles regarding the impact the Frobabies page has as a whole.

Ready for the masses in mid-April 2016, Frobabies will launch their website featuring a child focused parenting blog, easy access to social media and an e-commerce store featuring multicultural children’s products such as clothing, hair care products, toys, home décor and much more.

For additional information about Frobabies, follow their social media sites: @frobabies on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.