Do I Still Have To Do My Child’s Hair Since We Are Not Going Anywhere? –
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Do I Still Have To Do My Child’s Hair Since We Are Not Going Anywhere?

Do I Still Have To Do My Child’s Hair Since We Are Not Going Anywhere?

The morning hair routine can be stressful, especially if your little one doesn’t like to sit still. So, now that kids are homeschooling, you’re working from home, and the only place you can go is to the grocery store once a week—you might be considering skipping styling your kid’s hair.

Sorry But No, You Still Have To Style Their Hair

As you already know, natural hair is prone to tangling. Going even a few days without combing through their hair can make things worse, not better. That being said, you can switch up your regular haircare routine with the ideas below.

Let Them Rock Their Afro Loud And Proud

If you typically style your kid’s natural hair daily, let them rock a full afro while at home, or any time of course but a fro might not be their daily go-to. The key to a tangle-free fro is in ongoing maintenance.

  1. Continue to shampoo and condition every 7 to 10 days.
  2. Wrap their head at night to minimize tangling or use a beauty pillowcase.
  3. Comb through daily one section at a time. Using a detangler will help.
  4. Keep it looking cute with headbands, afro puffs, or a front part and barrette.

Braids Or Protective Styles

Another low maintenance option while sheltering at home is to braid or style their hair in a protective style. Protective styles are also ideal if their hair is damaged and you want to take the next couple of weeks to focus on hair repair.

Pop them down in front of their favorite movie or TV show while braiding. Depending on the style, you won’t have to style again for at least a week. Feel free to be a little more relaxed when it comes to daily touchups, as there is sure to be a bit of fuzz and frizz after sleeping on their braids a few nights in. Even if braids aren’t their typical style, it’s one less daily stressor for kids who don’t like to sit still while you do their hair.

Test New Hairstyles

A fun way to pass the time with kids who enjoy having their hair done is to test new hairstyles. If they are old enough, let them practice styling you or their sibling’s hair. If you need some inspiration head online where you will find an endless option of “How To” videos for natural hair. Be sure to search styles by age. We like this video by 5 Star Family who walks you through styles for kids as young as 1-years-old. Stocking up on a few new hair accessories will also make styling more fun for your bored little ones.

Now is also the perfect time to test out new natural hair care products. We invite you to browse the product line at Fro Babies Hair. Our products are specially formulated for both kids and curly hair.

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