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How To Prevent Frizzy Hair?

How To Prevent Frizzy Hair?

Natural hair is prone to frizz all year-round, but particularly in humid climates. This can be frustrating as the frizz can ruin your child’s hairstyle halfway through the day. Follow the tips below to keep their hair looking its best all day long. 

Little Boy Holding Frobabies Hair Shampoo

#1 Only Use Curly Hair Shampoo And Conditioner

Standard shampoos and conditioners will strip your child’s hair of its natural moisture. Even if the product is a tear-free children’s product, it may contain harsh ingredients such as sulfates and parabens that dry out curly hair. When your child’s hair is dry it is almost impossible to prevent frizz.  

By using a shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for curly hair you can cleanse their hair, restore moisture, and condition at the same time. Shampoo their hair 1 to 2 times per week depending on their hair type, sometimes every 10 days is all that is needed. 

If their hair or scalp needs to be cleansed prior to wash day, co-wash with conditioner only. To co-wash, wet their hair and massage the conditioner into their hair and scalp as you would a shampoo. Rinse and repeat, then add conditioner in a third time, comb it through, and leave in for up to 15 minutes to condition. Then rinse out the conditioner and continue with their styling routine. 

Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for kids

#2 Switch To A Microfiber Towel

A standard cotton towel is soft and comfy to dry off with, but it can be abrasive on natural hair. So, switch to a microfiber towel or head wrap to dry their hair. Microfiber towels are also made from cotton, but the fibers of the towel are smaller and designed to wick away moisture without causing friction. 

Avoid the temptation to rub their hair dry after you shampoo it. Instead, just wrap it up for 5 to 15 minutes in their microfiber towel. If their hair is long, you can gently squeeze the water out before wrapping it to dry. Look for microfiber towels in bright colors or cute prints to make wash day fun. 

Frobabies Hair Leave-In Conditioner

#3 Boost Hydration

In addition to conditioning their hair on wash day, use a daily leave-in conditioner for added moisture—especially when it’s humid out. Frizz is caused when hair seeks additional moisture. With the extra water in the air when it’s humid, your child’s hair will absorb the humidity which leads to frizz. However, natural hair can frizz any time of year. This is another reason to consider the LOC or LCO method. Adding coconut oil or other natural oil to your child’s hair daily will help to seal their hair and minimize frizz.  

Minimize Combing

#4 Finger Comb Or Minimize Combing

If you’ll be keeping your child’s ponytail or hairstyle curly, comb through once when wet with a curly hair comb or just use your fingers to comb through their hair. The more you comb their hair, either wet or dry, the more it separates their curls. The more their curls separate the more likely it is to frizz. If you’ll be slicking some of their hair back for a ponytail or half-up, half-down style—use your hands to slick their hair to their head. Or use a brush, without brushing past the slicked back area.  

Frizz-Free Styling Products

#5 Use Frizz-Free Styling Products

Another reason to switch from standard styling products to curl cream and curl gel is that they are formulated to minimize frizz. Curly hair products are made with natural oils and conditioners and are designed to smooth and hold hair in place to prevent frizzing. If your child has an active day ahead, bring coconut oil, a spray conditioner, or your curly hair products with you to tame flyaways and touch up frizzy areas. 

Diffuser For Curly Hair Days

#6 Use A Diffuser For Curly Hair Days

If your child is patient enough, use a diffuser. This minimizes frizz by reducing the air between their hair strands to define and tighten their natural curl pattern. There’s no worry of damaging their hair as with heated styling tools as diffusers are effective with cool or warm air. That being said, you must have a hairdryer that has cool or low heat settings. 

Never diffuse hair that is dripping wet and always apply a curl cream first. Gently press the curl cream in, without running your fingers through their curls. Then diffuse one section at a time. Have your child tilt their head to each section that you are diffusing and use the diffuser and your hands to scrunch their curls. If their hair is long, have them flip their head upside down while you diffuse. 

Ponytail style for young Black Girls

#7 Choose A Frizz-Reducing Hairstyle

Choose your child’s daily hairstyle by the weather and the activities they have scheduled. Protective styles are ideal during high humidity, as smoothing out their hair and touching up the edges is all you must do daily. Hair-down styles aren’t ideal if they have an athletic activity or busy day of play, so choose braids, twists, buns, or ponytails instead. Also, use thick cloth headbands to minimize the frizz of the smaller hairs that break along the hairline. If needed, use bobby pins or barrettes to keep headbands in place.   


#8 Overnight Hair Care

The pillowcases that come with their sheet set may be cute, but the cotton fibers will zap the moisture from their hair, increasing their risk for frizz. Also, as they toss and turn at night, the cotton can cause breakage. Not to worry as you have a few preventative options. 

  • Switch to silk or satin-finish pillowcases.
  • Have them sleep with a sleep bonnet. 
  • Wrap a silk scarf around their head. 
  • Protect short hairstyles with a do-rag. 

Fro Babies Curly Kids Styling Products

If you are searching for a curly hair product line that conditions and prevents frizzy hair, Fro Babies has you covered. Our products are gentle and effective for all curly hair textures and types. Keeping frizz to a minimum will also help your child embrace and love their natural hair!  


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