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How To Detangle Your Child's Natural Hair Fast

How To Detangle Your Child's Natural Hair Fast

Kids are active so even with dedication to a curly hair routine your child’s hair will get tangles. It may even have the occasional mats. Getting your child to sit still for styling can be challenging enough but detangling will take a bit longer. The tips below will help you to detangle your child’s natural hair fast and without any tears.

Mother reading a book to her two kids

Step 1 Detangle Activity

The first thing you want to do is find a worthy distraction. Your detangle activity will help to speed up the process by minimizing boredom and wiggling. This could be a cartoon, movie, digital game, book, or handheld toy. You could also use this time to catch up or talk about the week ahead, keeping things fun and light. In addition to selecting an activity to keep them occupied, be mindful of when you schedule their detangle. Try your best to schedule it at a time they will be most likely to sit still, which might not be in the morning.

If you have several kids, consider making it a family affair. For example, you all watch a movie or stream a show together while you detangle. Let the kids pick what they want to watch. Or skip the TV and take this time to bond. It can be tricky getting everyone at home at the same time, but doing your hair together creates lasting memories.

Natural Hair Kids Shampoo

Step 2 Spray Or Shampoo

If tangles are minimal and it’s time to shampoo their hair, begin the process by shampooing with a moisturizing shampoo designed for curly kids. Our top pick is Fro Babies Moisturizing Shampoo. The moisture in this formula will soften their hair helping tangles to release. Towel dry and move on to Step 3.

If they have lots of tangles or it’s not time to shampoo wrap a towel around their shoulders and spray their hair with room temperature or warm water, but not too hot and definitely not cold. Even if you are using a moisturizing shampoo, shampooing too soon will dry and damage their hair—increasing the likelihood of future tangles. This shampoo schedule will help.

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Step 3 Section

Now that their hair is damp, smooth the water through with your hands, but don’t focus on the tangles quite yet. Next, part their hair and divide it into 4 sections. Use clips instead of hair ties or barrettes as they are easy to maneuver and will keep their hair out of their face while you are detangling.

The parts don’t have to be as perfect as they are when you style their hair. It’s just faster and easier to detangle one small section at a time. You will still need to detangle smaller sections of hair within the 4 sections but dividing their hair first will make it easier to manage.

Mom working on curly hair kids hair

Step 4 Condition

Spray the first of the 4 sections with a bit more water and apply a generous amount of Detangle Me Baby Leave-In Conditioner from root to tip. You will need at least a quarter-sized dollop for medium length hair and more for longer hair. If there is a big tangle or mat, massage a bit extra into the tangled area. The conditioner will further soften their hair and create a protective barrier to minimize breakage while you detangle. Never worry about applying too much as their hair will absorb the excess.

Step 5 Detangle

Now it’s time to begin the detangling process, but first use your fingers to gently separate some of the tangles. Don’t pull hard, just break up the tangled areas a bit. Then use your preferred detangling tool working from the bottom up to comb through each section. Combing from the bottom down will tighten the tangles, increase breakage, and guarantee tears. It’s tempting, but you want your little one to let you finish, so go from the bottom up.

Don’t underestimate the importance of using a brush or comb designed for curly hair as they are designed to be gentle and effective. Test at least two options to find what works best for you. If you and your family have a variety of hair textures, you will definitely need more than one option.

Step 6 Style

Work through and detangle each section one by one. Depending on the style they will be wearing that day, you may style each section directly after you finish detangling. To define and hold their curls before they begin to dry, use Curls-A Popin Soufflé. To smooth and hold their style in place, use Puffy Hold Me Down Baby Gelle. If you are detangling before bedtime braided pigtails are fast and easy.

Get your kids involved in their hair care and styling decisions, which will make styling easier and more fun for everyone. Let them pick their hair accessories, search online and on YouTube together for fun new hairstyles, and when your kids are old enough—let them start experimenting on you, their siblings and on their own hair.

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How To Minimize Tangles?

Now that you know how to quickly detangle natural hair, it’s time to check your kid’s curly hair routine to minimize how frequently you need to do a sectioned comb through. Here are a few quick tips.

  1. Have your kids sleep on a satin pillowcase or with a scarf or sleep bonnet to minimize breakage and tangling.
  2. Use Fro Babies shampoo and conditioner as it is designed to be safe and gentle for kids, and ultra-moisturizing for natural hair. Be sure to use our leave-in conditioner between shampooing.
  3. Use curly kids styling products to minimize frizz, which will minimize tangling.
  4. Keep their hair healthy, as damaged hair is more likely to tangle.
  5. Style their hair daily or transition between protective styles. Make styling fun with colorful headbands, barrettes, bows, and hairbands.


As your kids get older you shouldn’t have to detangle their hair as often, but in the meantime these tips will make detangling fast and easy!

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