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Top 10 Styling Aids to Keep the Tears Away

Top 10 Styling Aids to Keep the Tears Away

Does it feel like a fight every time you try to do your child’s hair in the morning? Maybe you’re not using the right products to keep those tears away. Keep reading for the best natural hair products for babies and children with textured and curly hair.

  1. No-metal elastics

Do you still have elastic with metal portions on them? Time to ditch those. We don’t blame your child for complaining as they often tangle hair. When it comes to hair products for children, stick to no-metal elastics that won’t rip or damage hair.

  1. Puffy Hold Me Down Baby Gelle

Here’s a natural hair product for kids that you’re sure to love. Puffy Hold Me Down is a gel made with honey and avocado. It’s made specifically to avoid the crunchy feeling of other gels and to make styling natural hair into ponytails, pony puffs or other updos easy.

  1. Wide-tooth combs

A wide-tooth comb is an absolute must to have in your bathroom drawer. It’s gentle on the scalp, prevents hair breakage, and tends to collect less hair during detangling and combing. Avoid ripping through your child’s hair after a shower or bath and gently comb it with a wide-tooth comb.

  1. Curls-A Poppin Soufflé

Do you find that your baby’s curls don’t ever seem to look quite as defined as you’d like? That’s exactly what this natural hair product for babies is for! Curls-A Poppin Soufflé perfectly coats the strands, adds shine, and leaves behind the perfect curls that you thought you’d never see. This is a must-have hair product in your cabinet!

  1. The right haircut

Did you know that the right haircut can work wonders? If you want to reduce tears in the morning, consider asking your hairstylist about the right haircut for your child’s type of hair (if you need help, see our blog post on The Ultimate Guide to Determining Your Child’s Hair Types(s)). Having it cut in the right way to enhance the volume, texture, and thickness will help you style it to perfection.

  1. A satin scarf or pillowcase

Raise your hand if your baby wakes up looking like a ball of frizz! One natural hair product for kids is a silk scarf. Just wrap their hair in it before they head to bed and wake up with hair infinitely easier to style. The silk allows them to toss and turn as much as they’d like without having to worry about damaging their hair. If your baby just won’t keep it on, you can also go with a satin pillowcase.

  1. Gabby Bows

Want to help support a 12-year-old CEO while using a hair product that actually works? Hit up Gabby Goodwin! Founder and CEO of Gabby Bows. After having her hair constantly fall out of the bows that her mom would put in her hair, she decided enough was enough. With her mom, she designed a double-face, double-snap barrette that helps to hold hair all day long. There’s no pain for you or your child – just cute hairdos.

  1. Puff Cuff

Ceata Lash shines a light on what it means to have thick, textured hair. When she decided to stop chemically relaxing her hair, she wasn’t sure how to style her hair. It didn’t help that she had always relied on the women in her family (all of whom straightened their hair) to help her learn how to care for hers. Slowly but surely, Lash learned how she liked to wear her hair naturally and even began to have an idea for a product that could empower women to wear their hair naturally. She modeled the product after one that her grandmother had but modified it to work for curly hair. The cuff has teeth that help to lock hair into place without getting tangled and is the perfect solution for your little one with beautifully textured hair.

  1. Spray bottle

A spray bottle will be a game-changer when you’re detangling your child’s hair. It’s a necessary hair product for children because you should never try to brush or comb your kid’s without wetting it or using leave-in conditioner. Keep it on hand wherever you do your child’s hair most often.

  1. Leave-in conditioner

Did someone say leave-in conditioner? You need something to help you get that comb through! Fro Babies Detangle Me Baby Leave-In Conditioner is what you’ve been waiting for. Use daily on wet or dry hair. Just pour the amount you need into the section of their hair and say goodbye to tangles!

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