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The Ultimate Kids Curly Hair Routine

The Ultimate Kids Curly Hair Routine

Curly hair is fragile and prone to breakage, dryness, and tangles so you must take extra care. FroBabies Hair has formulated our products to be safe for little ones 12 months and older. If your infant isn’t quite old enough yet, we suggest using baby-safe formulas on their hair, no more than twice per week. If their hair is long for their age, dry, or frizzy, apply a tiny bit of food-grade oil (organic coconut oil is a top pick) to their curls to keep them soft and moisturized. Once they are old enough follow the kid’s curly hair routine below.

Curly Hair Hairbrush Or Comb

Curly Hair Hairbrush Or Comb 

Not just any brush will do, so invest in a wide-tooth detangling comb or a curly hairbrush, comb, or pick. You can find at least an option or two online or at Sally’s Beauty Supply, Target, Amazon and Walmart—with the largest selection online. Also, check the options at your local curly hair or black hair salon.

FrobabiesHair Products

Curly Hair Kids Products 

Next up, you need to invest not just in curly hair care products, but products designed for kids. Kids haircare products are formulated to be gentle for both your little one and their lovely curls. Even if you have curly hair too and products that you know and love, products designed for kids are more versatile and easier to use.

Weekly Washing

You can wet your little one’s hair daily if you want to, but it should not be shampooed more than twice per week. Our top pick is FroBabies Hair Honey Bubbles Moisturizing Shampoo followed up by So Super Soft After Shower Conditioner.

Daily Detangling

Daily Detangling

Combing or brushing curly hair is always easier when wet or damp. Not only is there less breakage when damp but it also hurts less for your little one’s tender head. You can spray their hair with water or wet it in the shower or bath, then apply a detangler before you brush. We like Detangle Me Baby Leave-In Conditioner. To minimize frizz, try not to brush or comb too much more once hair is towel dried—just enough to style.

Curl And Hold

Yes, there are hair styling products designed for kids with natural curls! To hold curls so that they are soft and frizz-free, we like Curls-A Poppin Souffle. To smooth hair and hold hairstyles in place we like Fro Babies Puffy Hold Me Down Baby Gel. Both of these products dry soft and are flake-free. Yes, you can use these products on both dry or damp hair.


Other Curly Kid’s Haircare Tips

In addition to the tips above we also suggest these tips below:

  • You might sleep with a scarf or head wrap, but your little ones won’t want to. Not to worry as you can purchase a washable beauty pillowcase with a silky or satin finish in a color that matches their bedding. This will minimize breakage and the fibers won’t suck moisture from their hair like standard pillowcases.
  • Be mindful when purchasing ponytail elastic. You need options that will hold but won’t tangle in their hair, but no matter how careful you are—kids are active and their hair will tangle. When this happens, don’t pull out the elastic, cut it out instead.
  • When your little one has a bad tangle take your time. Massage in a bit of detangler, then work on the tangle from the bottom to top. Do not comb through from top to bottom as this will result in breakage and tears.

Here’s to creating a natural curly hair routine for your little one from a young age!

Jan 30, 2020

This is great info my little girl is one and I’m a first time mom and this is a lot of help trying to find products for her hair ! I’m excited to order the line


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