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How to Choose Hair Products For Natural Curly Kids

How to Choose Hair Products For Natural Curly Kids

Are you the parent of a curly haired baby, toddler, or little one? As you already know curly hair has special needs. It tangles easily, dries out easily, and even from a young age your little one will need hair products to keep their curls frizz-free and in place. This means typical “kid-friendly” haircare products won’t meet your needs. Here’s how to choose the right products for your curly haired cuties. 

Products Designed For Kids

Products Designed For Kids

We are in an exciting time where there has never been a larger selection of sulfate-free curly haired products. If you have curly hair too, you have a few products you use daily—but these are not the right products for your kids. Infants and toddlers need formulas that are super gentle for both their skin and scalp. For example, kid’s shampoo will still sting and need to be rinsed if it gets in their eyes, but less than adult hair products. Kids formulas are also designed to rinse out easily making shampooing and conditioning easier. When it comes to styling products creams and gels are easier than sprays.

Hairdressing tools

Detangling Formulas

The brush, wide tooth comb, and styling tools you use for your curly cutie plays a vital role in the comfort of daily combing, but curly kids must have moisture-rich and detangling products. Their shampoo must be moisture-rich. Babies and toddlers may not sit still in the shower or tub while you condition their hair too, but you can’t skip conditioning curly hair. Look for a leave-in conditioner that is also designed to detangle their curls—which can be used daily. As they get a bit older and more patient during bath time you can switch to a rinse out conditioner.

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Products Designed To Celebrate Natural Curls

When kids learn from a young age how to care for and manage their natural curls and natural beauty, they are far less likely to want to relax their hair. Yes, they may someday experiment with extensions, flat irons, and even a relaxer—but if they know how to keep their curls soft, healthy, defined and frizz-free they will feel less pressure to change their hair from its natural state. So, identifying a kid’s hair care product line that celebrates curls and keeps their hair healthy will set a foundation for a healthy self-image. 

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Products They Can Grow With

One of the things parents love about FroBabies Hair products is that it is a full line designed to grow with their kids, which you can start using as young as 12 months old. Hair is typically short as infants, so shampoo and a leave-in conditioner are often enough—but our products are designed for babies as young as 12 months old. As their hair grows Puffy Hold Me Down Baby Gelle is a soft dry formula defines curls, slicks hair for ponytails, and keeps frizz at bay. As hairstyles get more advanced parents can transition to Curls-A Poppin Soufflé

We invite you to browse the full FroBabies Hair curly kids product line now!

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